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Pool cover (Click to enlarge)
Pool cover

Leaf net pool cover (Click to enlarge)
Leaf net pool cover

Solar pool cover (Click to enlarge)
Solar pool cover

Pool covers for a variety of pools and needs. There are solar pool covers to help enhance your pool heater, above ground pool covers, pool filter covers & automatic covers to save you doing the work.

Pool Covers

Proper maintenance of your pool after the swimming season is one of the key elements in prolonging its beauty and functionality. Your pool will need to be able to endure the elements for a prolonged period of time, so using good pool covers is one of the things you need to think about. If you plan ahead, and invest in a quality closing kit and a pool cover, it will save you both time and money when you reopen your pool next year.

Solar pool covers, also known as solar blankets serve a very useful role. Retaining heat is the most important one. A solar blanket will also help raise the water temperature a certain amount. Solar blankets also prevent massive heat loss. When a pool or spa is covered with solar pool covers, the heating cost could drop by 70%.

Inground pool cover (Click to enlarge)
Inground pool cover

Rugged mesh pool cover allow rain and snow to slowly fill your pool, saving water and chemicals in the spring. The cover allows almost no sunlight through and ensures an algae-free pool in the spring. Rugged mesh pool covers are made from tough U.V. protected woven polyethylene that is strong enough to handle ice, snow, sleet and high winds. Rugged double stitched hems are triple reinforced for strength and the cover's black underside retards algae growth.

Mesh safety pool cover
Safety pool cover

  • Model: WC650
  • 12' x 20' Rectangle 8-Year warranty mesh cover.
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Price: US$59.95 each.
  • Link to buy on-line: Aqua Pool Warehouse

Winter Pool CoversWinter Covers - Winter pool covers are available for any pool. Above ground, inground, swimming pool covers. Protect your pool in winter with solid, mesh or hard winter pool covers.

Solar Pool CoverSolar Cover - Solar pool covers are a great way to protect your pool and gain heat retention for the water. They are available to suit any kind of pool. Check some models, prices and places for buy online.

Above Ground Pool CoversAbove Ground Covers - Above ground pool covers are an important accessory you should have to avoid leaves and debris coming inside your pool. Also is a great resource for eliminate algae problems.

Pool Filters CoversFilter Covers - It's a must have to have pool filters covers. Like pool covers, it is advised that you have a pool cover that protects your pools filter from the sun, snow, rain and to even help protect you from fiberglass rash.

Automatic Pool CoversAutomatic Covers - Automatic pool covers are covers that can be rolled automatic, using hydraulic or mechanic systems. Check some products, prices and places to buy this kind of pool covers.

Inground Pool CoversInground Pool Covers - Get inground pool covers for proper maintenance of your pool after the swimming season and specially in winter. Your pool will need to be able to endure the elements for a prolonged period of time.

Dome Pool Cover OnlineOnline Dome Covers - Dome pool cover online information and pool dome covers available to buy through Internet. If swimming is important to you, also important is to set up a dome cover to your swimming pool.

Pool Safety Cover InformationPool Cover Safety - Pool safety cover information and some safety cover models available to buy from places on Internet. If you have children or pets playing near the pool you must to have a safety pool covers.

Leaf Net Pool Cover OnlineOnline Leaf Net Covers - Check leaf net pool cover online information and models available to buy through Internet. A perfect solution for your pool is falling leaves are your problem.

All prices quoted on this page are at November 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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Pool Center - Swimming pool supplier. Many things for your pool, including pool covers. Online orders, International shipping services. www.poolcenter.com

Aqua Pool Warehouse - Offering swimming pool accessories, including covers. Online orders, shipping services Worldwide. www.aqua-pool-warehouse.com

Winter pool covers are constructed of an extremely tight weave fabric that does not allow light to pass through. Without sunlight, algae cannot grow. Tough polypropylene thread will not rot like cotton thread, and sewn seams are stronger and will not split apart. Rugged tie-down loops are used instead of grommets that can rust and fall out.

  • Model: TLD16
  • 15/16' round 3ft Deluxe 8 year warranty above ground cover.
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Price: US$23.75 each.
  • Link to buy on-line: Aqua Pool Warehouse
Above ground pool covers
Above ground pool covers

Swimming Pool Leaf nets are perfect for keeping larger debris from getting into your pool. If you keep your pool uncovered all year long, but do not use your pool in the off season, a leaf net is great at keeping the large debris from getting into your pool, which means all you need to do is periodically remove the leaf net and dump off the leaves, twigs, nuts, etc. from the net.

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