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Pool CoversPool Covers - Pool covers for a variety of pools and needs. There are solar pool covers to help enhance your pool heater, above ground pool covers, pool filter covers & automatic covers to save you doing the work.

Winter pool covers are available for any pool. Above ground, inground, swimming pool covers. Protect your pool in winter with solid, mesh or hard winter pool covers.

Winter Pool Covers

Pool winter covers (Click to enlarge)
Pool winter covers

In Ground Mesh Winter Cover

Mesh cover for Inground pools made by Enviro-Mesh. This is an environmentally friendly pool cover that makes pool openings a snap. Rugged mesh allows water to seep through, catching dirt and debris, eliminating cover pumping. Enviro-Mesh winter pool covers have 8 year warranty.

Enviro Mesh's fine mesh allows rain and snow to slowly fill your pool, saving water and chemicals in the spring. The mesh cover is made from tough U.V. protected woven polyethylene that is strong enough to handle ice, snow, and sleet. Rugged double-stitched hems are triple reinforced for strength and the black underside retards algae growth.

  • Enviro Mesh 12X20.
  • For pools size 12' X 20'. The cover is 17' X 25'.
  • Ships to: Over 90 countries.
  • Price: US$ 49.99 each.
  • Link to buy on-line: Pool Center
Inground swimming pool winter covers
Inground swimming pool winter covers

All prices quoted on this page are at November 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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Doheny┤s Water Warehouse - Winter pool covers, winter accessories and more items for your pool. Online orders, ships to US.

Shopping - An eBay company, pioneered online comparison shopping. Check a list of many winter pool covers deals from several merchants. Online orders, shipping services depend on each merchant.

Pool Center - Swimming pool supplier. Many things for your pool, including winter pool covers. Online orders, International shipping services.

Above Ground Solid Covers

8 x 8 Cross stitches per inch above ground solid winter pool covers. This cover has 8 years warranty. Triple-laminated poly treated against destructive UV rays for long-lasting durability. Features grommets every 3 to 4 ft. and includes cable and ratchet kit. Navy blue or green top with black bottom is light restrictive to resist algae and bacterial growth. Covers are 3' larger than pool size to accommodate water drop.

  • Model: 8500
  • 12' Round Solid Cover (Pool Size).
  • Ships to: U.S.
  • Price: US$ 29.99 each.
  • Link to buy on-line: Doheny┤s Water Warehouse
Above ground winter pool covers (Click to enlarge)
Above ground winter pool covers

Riplock Winter Covers

Max-force winter cover from Riplock is an industrial strength web construction provides 3 times the rip-resistance of standard winter pool covers. Triple-coated with a new weather-resistant polymer shield that resists temperatures down to 50║ below 0║F. Oversized design provides 4 ft. overlap for greater wind resistance. For more durability, each cover is assembled from wider fabric pieces resulting in fewer seams and stress points. Black underside inhibits algae growth. Includes weather-resistant cable and commercial tightening winch. 15 Year Warranty (2 years full coverage).

  • Model: 7065
  • 15' Round pool size, 19' cover size.
  • Ships to: U.S.
  • Price: US$ 74.99 each.
  • Link to buy on-line: Doheny┤s Water Warehouse
Hard winter pool covers (Click to enlarge)
Hard winter pool covers

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