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Pool CoversPool Covers - Pool covers for a variety of pools and needs. There are solar pool covers to help enhance your pool heater, above ground pool covers, pool filter covers & automatic covers to save you doing the work.

It's a must have to have pool filters covers. Like pool covers, it is advised that you have a pool cover that protects your pools filter from the sun, snow, rain and to even help protect you from fiberglass rash.

Pool Filters Covers

Deluxe pool filter cover is an elegantly simple solution to new and weather-worn pool filters. It has flame resistant film on every layer, heavy-duty high quality polyvinyl chloride exterior, soft polyester padding interior and double-stiched seams. This kind of pool filters covers protects your expensive equipment from the sun, hail, snow, rain, and also fiberglass rash when you touch the top of your filter. The small size model fits 36 to 48 sq. ft. while the large size model fits 60 sq. ft. Diatomacious Earth and Cartridge filters. Other features:

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Easy to trim with scissors if necessary.
  • Full 100% Ultraviolet light protection for your pool filter.
  • Ships to: U.S. by retailers.
  • Retail Price: US$ 35.99 each.
  • e-mail to order: Marketing@PoolFilterCover.com
Pool filters covers (Click to enlarge)
Pool filters covers - Deluxe filter cover

All prices quoted on this page are at November 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Brisbane Gardens - They offer a range of garden sheds and aviaries, including pool filter covers as storage boxes. On-line orders by contact form and shipping services to Australia wide. www.brisbanegardensheds.com.au

The Pool Filter Cover - SHZ Limited Liability Corporation is a company that manufactures pool filters covers. Orders by e-mail for retailers in US. www.poolfiltercover.com

Advance Sheds - Provides high quality sheds, aviaries, dog runs, pool filters covers and many more custom products to homes and businesses all over NSW, Australia. Housing type pool filter covers. Orders by form. www.advancesheds.com

Pool equipment covers (Click to enlarge)
Pool equipment covers

Housing Type Covers

They are more like a shelter for your pool filter. This type of pool filters covers has full width mesh back for ventilation and safety, hinged lid and double hinged doors for easy accessibility and comes in a transportable, easy to assemble kit form.

  • Model: TRPM43M
  • Pool filter cover hinged roof, double hinged door, mesh back.
  • Roof and slab size: 1.27 m x 1.02 m.
  • Height: 1.25 m.
  • Base Dim. (outside): 1.27 m x 0.99 m.
  • Door opening: 1.02 m x 0.58 m.
  • Ships to: Australia.
  • Price: AUS$ 334.00 each.
  • Orders by contact form: Brisbane Gardensheds

Pool filter covers (Click to enlarge)
Pool filter covers - Housing type cover

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