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Pool CoversPool Covers - Pool covers for a variety of pools and needs. There are solar pool covers to help enhance your pool heater, above ground pool covers, pool filter covers & automatic covers to save you doing the work.

Automatic pool covers are covers that can be rolled automatic, using hydraulic or mechanic systems. Check some products, prices and places to buy this kind of pool covers.

Automatic Pool Covers

The automatic pool cover has come a long way in recent years. From hand crank models to fully electronic, key-operated systems, today's automatic pool covers are more reliable, durable and safe than ever before. These pool covers can be built as an integral part on a new installation or retro fitted above ground for existing pools. Automatic pool covers come as a slatted cover or a full safety cover.

Powertrack® Cover

The mechanism is powered by a low voltage, portable, power device,(an electric drill motor), which is inserted into gear reducers located on each side of the mechanism. Inserting the portable power device into the gear-reducer on one side opens the cover and inserting the device into the opposite-side gear-reducer closes the cover. Upon closing the cover, the user places the portable power device in a secure location, preventing unauthorized access to the cover. The PowerTrak ® is ideal for existing pools since it is designed to mount to the surface of an existing pool deck and does not require any electrical preparation.

  • Ships to: US.
  • Price: US$ $2690 for a 12ft. x 8 ft. pool (Check price quote page to get a price according to your pool dimensions and characteristics).
  • Link for a price quote: PowerTrack®
Automatic swimming pool covers (Click to enlarge)
Automatic swimming pool covers - PowerTrack Cover

All prices quoted on this page are at November 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

PowerTrack - Manufacturer of customized automatic pool cover. Get a price quote according to your pool characteristics. Shipping services to US.

Aquamatic Cover Systems - Automatic pool covers, they are exclusive manufacturer of Hydramatic hydraulic swimming pool safety cover. Orders by contact form, distribution and installation Worldwide.

Life Saver Pool Covers - A company that offers both commercial and residential customers pool safety products as fences and covers, including automatic pool covers. Orders by mail, shipping services to Western Canada.

HydraMatic Automatic Safety Covers

These automatic pool covers have a drive mechanism fully submersible, with no electrics near the pool for greater safety. All pool cover electric power and switches are remote at the equipment pad, also means fewer problems with pool cover inspections. Hydraulic power delivers more power, yet dials in only as much as needed to operate the pool cover. Pressure relief valves gently stop the pool cover if it meets an obstruction, instead of breaking a mechanical shear pin linkage that needs to be replaced before operation of the pool cover.

Hydraulics are widely used in heavy equipment. The unique patented duo-motor Hydramatic system eliminates mechanical linkage and clutches to change pool cover direction and motion of the cover. It has the least number of parts of any other automatic pool cover system, yet has the full range of safety and convenience features. Originally designed for commercial application. Hydramatic automatic pool covers come with a twenty year limited warranty on the mechanism, and a seven year limited warranty on the fabric.

  • Ships to: Worldwide.
  • For price and order contact by form: Aquamatic
Automatic safety pool covers (Click to enlarge)
Automatic safety pool covers - Hydramatic cover

Coverstar Covers

Coverstar is a manufacturer of cover systems. The CS1800 underguide system features track that is mounted underneath the coping or bull nose brick. This system allows the track to remain virtually hidden, but still provides safety and beauty.

Coverstar automatic pool covers (Click to enlarge)
Coverstar automatic pool covers

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